kathie lee hoda

Our Man Cave Candle was on a Kathie Lee and Hoda segment of the today show.


Wabi TV called the business “a Maine-made company with a story that is unlike many small businesses.”

Love and Lobster waxed eloquent on the man cave collection. “Crafted with the finest ingredients by this family-owned company situated in a seaside Maine town, these candles are hand-poured into pint glasses and colored to mimic the shades of beers straight from the tap.”

Cigar Officianado liked how “each of the scents have been rigorously tested by members of that state’s game warden service, the institution charged with enforcing the law in the state’s deep woods and more remote parts. (The same officers you might have seen in Animal Planet’s TV series¬†North Woods Law.)”

Peachy Deegan from Whom You Know thought the candles were “creative, cool and smell unbelievable.”