Can you say..OMG!!!

The hardest part of learning a business is not the business! At least not if you are over 40 and never owned a cell phone prior to owning a business. I thought we used excessive jargon in my old world of special education but NO! The new age business world is filled with such incredible amounts of jargon and they are not just names. You could write a book on anyone of the words. And people have. I, in fact, have a list of Something for Dummies books on reserve at the library, only to learn that you can in fact, Google on the line most of the topic areas I seek. I still need to have the pages of a book turning and yes, still use a highlighter as I read.

Let’s see…SEO, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Trending, Social Media, ecommerce, Houzz, Amazon, Etsy, Ebay can you say! OMG??? Now, while these all present with the greatest of learning curves for me, the biggest challenge is still the use of a smartphone which makes me feel not much other than a truly dumb blonde. Although I am trying to return to the figure of my previous dumb blonde 20 year old, it was frankly just a better sell!

You would think that making a product of great quality is the challenge. Yes, it does take almost a year to become a Master Chandler. That is in fact the term for a candle maker. And I pride myself every time that I pour a beautiful product that I know will bring someone joy. But that my friends is not the challenge of being a small business owner in 2014. The big challenge is learning how to have anyone find your fantastic products amidst the big guys. I pride myself on every time that someone mentions a Facebook post and I realize that I did in fact connect with someone in this cloud of a world.

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