The Castine Difference~ True Made in America product 

Castine Candle Company creates the finest hand poured candles with the cleanest burn on the planet.
Our fragrances will not only be loved in your home, you will become enchanted. Our candles become a
part of the memories of your life.

We bring a higher level of commitment to the term “made in the USA” and while it is not the inexpensive route, it is the right one. All of our suppliers are manufacturers from the USA such that when you select a Castine Candle, you authentically support the American way of life. This simple choice affects communities and families from Maine to the midland.

Made in USAAll of our products have been engineered to provide you the best burn in the traditional method of craftsmanship as was engaged by our forefathers hundreds of years ago. We pride ourselves on our made in Maine tradition of excellence.

We have achieved this standard by developing a recipe that is a combination of exceptional ingredients. We start with the highest grade paraffin wax with all of the impurities removed to which we add all natural & authentic fragrances.  We use one of our nation’s top blending houses with complexly developed scents to match the pallets of ALL candle lovers.

We invite you to discover the Castine difference for yourself and become a part of our family of candle
lovers who seek only the best.